Study on Healthy Lifestyles

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The other 97%
Do I have my percentages wrong? No, I am not referring to wealth statistics (and the other 99%) ~ this statistic is about health:
In a U.S. study by Reeves and colleagues published in 2005 it was reported that only 3% of the population undertook four basic steps that define a healthy lifestyle, namely, not smoking, maintaining a healthy body weight, consuming at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and exercising regularly. The great news is that all of these behaviors are modifiable, so if you are not already part of it, join this elite group and enjoy the benefits of increased life expectancy, reduced disease risk, and an improved quality of life!
The title of the paper is Healthy Lifestyle Characteristics Among Adults in the United States, 2000 By Mathew J. Reeves & Ann P. Rafferty. Here’s a link to the research:…

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